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A breif history of Wingham Aerodrome.
information from Trove archives.


Mr. Burgess, superintendent of aviation, has inspected the Wingham racecourse, which has been offered for aviation purposes, as a landing ground. He said he was very satisfied with the site. Some clearing work was required, but when this had been carried out, the Wingham racecourse should provide an admirable landing ground for aeroplanes. The racecourse is close to the town of Wingham, and on the main North Coast route. The Wingham Municipal Council and the trustees of the Wingham racecourse are working together in the matter. Race meetings will be held periodically-provided notice is given one month before a meeting is to take place.


The Wingham Municipal Council has been gazetted trustee of the Wingham aerodrome site. A grant of £500 has been secured for carrying out improvements, and the work will be put in hand almost immediately. Much work has already been done towards making the landing ground safe and easy, and with the money recently voted it should rank among the best in the State. Situated on good high ground for the most part, planes will be able to land in all sorts of weather


A big crowd assembled at Wingham aero drome this morning to welcome Sir Charles, Kingsford Smith in the Southern Cross. The Mayor of Wingham (Alderman H. Machín) extended a civic welcome to the aviator, and he was supported by the president of the Wingham Aero Club. Sir Charles Kingsford Smith complimented the officals on the aerodrome.


The action’ of the Civil Aviation Department in withdrawing the license of Wingham Aerodrome was the cause of a protest being entered against the decision by Wingham Municipal Council at its last meeting.

The communication containing the information was received from the Regional Director of the Department at Kingsford Smith Aerodrome. He stated .in the letter that the license for the Aerodrome at Wingham haa been withdrawn owing to it being below the standard required for the safe operation of aircraft. Any ‘plane, landtag there would be contravening air regulations, and all wind socts and other indicators of the ‘drome are to be removed from the £lte. ;Alderman Gleeson moved that the Council protest against the cancellation of the license, and also that Mr. Jordan be asked to make representations to have the license renewed. He considered it to be a very safe ‘drome for small ‘planes, ana could be used for trainee flights..Alderman Allport said a big Army?plane landed there during the wai with a number of passengers, and the late – Kingsford Smith had also used the ‘drome.

Alderman Kane said it was stupid to dellcense it, even if it was only used as an emergency ‘drome. If a plane got into similar trouble over Wingham as had happened down South, there would be a ‘drome to land- on if the license was renewed. Alderman Chapman said the Lutana Inquiry showed that Wingham was
on the direct aerial route, and the more’ ‘dromes they had along that route the better. This should be pointed out to the Department when’ the protest Is made. The motion was carried.

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