Club Rules

M.M.A.C is affiliated exclusively with the M.A.A.A.

M.A.A.A. Safety Guidelines.

Model aircraft will, at all times, be operated in such manner as not to endanger any person or property.
No model aircraft shall be operated closer than 30 metres horizontally or at any height vertically over
any person not directly involved in the operation of that model aircraft.
MMAC is a fixed wing only club NO drones are permitted NO Exceptions

Unauthorized flying is not permitted at the flying field.


1. Frequency keys MUST be used for other than 2.4ghz and inserted into the frequency board, PRIOR to switching a transmitter on, regardless of the purpose.

2. Frequency keys to be clearly marked with the owners name and frequency.

3. Mobile (cell) phones MUST be switched off, unless needed for genuine emergency. (see emergency procedures)

4. When starting and running, aircraft are to be restrained mechanically by pegs or similar and/or physically by a person other than the person starting the aircraft (MOP014.6.17)

5. Pilots must stand in the pilots area (behind fence) whilst flying their aircraft

6. Transmitters should be left in the pilots area during aircraft recovery. Runway to be cleared as soon as possible and announced to other pilots in the pilots area that the strip is cleared.

7. Flying over the pit area, or within 30 meters of people is Strictly Prohibited. The flight lines are clearly marked “all flying is the be conducted from either the pilots box on the east/west runway or the pilots box on the north/south runway PLEASE NOTE only one runway may be used at any one time”

8. Intention to take off, land or venture onto the runway, MUST be announced to other pilots on the flight line.

9. Dead Stick aircraft have landing priority.

10. Aircraft are allowed to be taxied out to the runway. Aircraft MUST NOT be taxied back into the pit area. Engines must be shut down once clear of the strip.

11. Guest pilots MUST sign the visitors book. (refer para. 16,27,28)

12. Frequency use is limited to 20 minutes at anyone time unless by mutual agreement with other users on the same frequency.

13. All visitors to the pit area are to be accompanied by a club member who will first report to the Safety Officer, or other Executive member, who will determine if it is safe for visitors at that time.

Otherwise visitors are required to observe from outside the 30 metre safety line in order to preserve Public Risk insurance cover.

14. All M.A.A.A affiliated non MMAC members are limited to a nominal maximum of 4 flying days within a 12 month period. This is to be granted at the discretion of the MMAC executive on sighting of a current proof of membership. This notwithstanding,the executive reserves the right to
require a test flight.

15. Trial flights by prospective members, must be supervised by qualified instructors, or experienced club members of Gold Wings standard

16. Remove all rubbish before leaving, KEEP OUR FIELD CLEAN.

17. The Racecourse Road gate must be locked “Lock to Lock” by the departing member.

18. NO INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINES to be started before 8.30am or after 5pm.

19. Bungie and winch lines for gliders must not be left on the runway.

20. It is compulsory that aircraft be positioned to point toward the runway (ie. with their exhaust directed towards the pits)

21. Aircraft flying 3D manoeuvres, excluding electric models with a wing span of one (1) metre or less,are NOT to be flown any closer than 9 metres to all pilots operating at the time (MOP014.6.4)

22. MMAC is a fixed wing only club NO drones are permitted

23. All aircraft over 7kg must have a current permit and be operated in accordance with the Large Model Aircraft Operation Procedure (MOP015)

24. All ‘Visitors’ Not Affiliated to any MAAA Club for the purposes of operating a model aircraft and/or receiving instruction to operate a model aircraft shall receive coverage of the MAAA Third Party Public Liability policy provided that they:

(a) Are properly signed in as a Visitor by a Club Member in a permanent Club’s Visitor Book. The entry in the book shall include, date, Visitor’s name and address and the name of the Club Member responsible for ensuring that they are aware of, and monitor their compliance with,MAAA and Club rules, visiting flyers must pay a fee of $4 per day.

(b) Abide by Club, MAAA and Government regulations,

(c) Are under the direct supervision of an experienced Affiliate Member at all times whilst flying a model aircraft,

(d) Only sign in on a maximum of four occasions, if during those visits they fly a model aircraft whether using a buddy cord, instruction using a single transmitter, or they are operating without instruction.

(E)The Visitor Policy, other than for Honorary Membership, only applies to persons who were not Affiliate Members of the MAAA in the previous membership year. Former Affiliate Members cannot be signed in as a visitor covered by the MAAA Insurance Policy in the membership year immediately after their last year of membership.

25. A Prospective Member, for the purposes of coverage by the MAAA Public Liability Policy, is considered an Affiliate Member of the MAAA from the date of submitting a Club membership application provided that:

The application is considered in a timely manner consistent with the Rules of the Club and within the current membership year.
A person’s status as Prospective Member shall cease immediately if the membership application
is rejected by the Club.
For the purpose of determining MAAA fees, the date of joining shall be the date of the initial Club
membership application.
A person can only be considered a “Prospective Member” of a particular club once in any
membership year.
Once excepted by the committee the prospective member will become a probationary member.

26. A person’s status as Probationary Member shall cease at the end of the twelve month period from the date of submitting the membership application upon approval from the committee.

27. If three or more members feel that a model is ‘noisy or loud’, then a representative of the committee is to ask the owner and/or operator of the model to make the appropriate modifications to the

28. Each Member will be issued with a gate key, a signature will be required at issue each financial year. The key is for financial members of the MMAC only and must not be duplicated for any reason, if a member requires a new key it must be issued by the committee.

29. The setup table must be kept clear, the setup table is for aircraft setup and short term maintenance only. Members and any visitor must not leave equipment on the table after setup or normal aircraft maintenance.

30. No Engines, [Gas, Glow or Electric] of any type are to be started and run in the car park or under the covered seating area. [Pit area and flight line only].

31. ALL electric powered models, the electric power circuit(s) must not be physically connected until the model is positioned at the edge of the flight line, and directed away from the pits. The circuit must be physically disconnected immediately after landing.

32. all aircraft must be range checked before the first flight of the day and after repairs needed by a crash.

MMAC code of conduct

All members will abide by the club rules, all MAAA mops and CASA rules and regulations.

All members will show respect for other member’s equipment and /or personal belongings. Anyone found damaging; removing or illegally using such equipment will face internal club discipline and may be reported to the police

All members will abide by any reasonable instructions given by a committee member

All members will follow any reasonable instructions given by a safety officer especially in regards to aircraft operation and construction safety. If deemed to be unsafe or noisy it must not be flown until faults are rectified. Members may seek a second opinion from any committee member/s in regards to any orders place on any aircraft

All members must report any accident involving physical harm or property damage to a committee member as soon as possible.

All members have the right to report unwanted behaviour or breaking of club rules to a committee member. Committee members have a duty to treat all complaints with respect and not to trivialise the matter.

The following behaviours by members of MMAC are unacceptable:

Any actions that put another person at risk of physical or psychological harm. This includes violent physical acts (with or without a weapon) and/or physical threats towards another person.

All forms of bullying and/or harassment including comments, actions or visual displays that are intentional, hurtful and repetitive.


Bullying is intentional, repetitive and hurtful. It can take many forms:

Physical bullying may include hitting, pushing or tripping. Verbal bullying may include threats, name calling, mocking or making inappropriate (for example, sexist or homophobic) comments. Social or emotional bullying may include excluding others from a group and spreading gossip or rumours. Cyber bullying may include spreading rumours or sharing images and hurtful comments using technology


Harassment, including behaviour that degrades, demeans, humiliates or embarrasses someone that a reasonable person would know is unwelcome. All forms of abuse (sexual, physical or psychological), including verbally, in writing or otherwise. Discrimination against any person or group because of their race, colour, ancestry, nationality or place of origin, ethnic background, religion, age, sex, gender-determined characteristics, sexual orientation, marital and family status, source of income, political belief and physical or mental disability.

Consequences of not complying of the clubs code of conduct:

Any breach of the code will result in the member’s conduct being dealt with a formal or informal meeting with the committee to discuss concerns and to develop an action plan to encourage appropriate behaviour in the future. This may be by developing a written contract with the member that outlines specific expectations and consequences and/or giving a written warning that outlines specific concerns and consequences if the behaviour continues

In extreme cases, the club committee may take additional steps such as:

Suspending or withdrawing the person’s membership of MMAC in the case of a visitor not allowing the person to return to the club field. Contacting the police if the behaviour is illegal such as abuse, discrimination, harassment, assault or threatening another person

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